For 50 years, Weeds® has been in industry leader in providing vegetation management services for governmental, municipal, industrial, commercial and residential markets.

Our goal has always been to provide the best services that meet or exceed our customers needs.  From our smallest job to the largest, we are always striving to do our best in a safe manner.    

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

Safe Working Practices

For additional information concerning Weeds, Inc. requests for specimen labels or Safety Data Sheets (SDS), please contact:

Spray Personnel  
All spray personnel are trained and licensed in a variety of herbicide application categories.
All employees receive OSHA 10 Safety Training along with area specific additional training courses.
All Regional Managers have their OSHA 10 and 30 Training.

All Employee receive a back-ground check and are drug/alchohol screen.

Safety Organizations

Weeds Incorporated is an approved contractor for the following organizations:  ISNetworld, ARIBA Supplier Network, BROWZ, U.S. Federal Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR), PEC Premier, PICS, TWICS.

Selection of Herbicides

Since we assume responsibility, Herbicides are selected on the basis of soil type and condition, the type of vegetation present, time of chemical application and the proximity of the area to be treated to desirable vegetation.  All herbicides employed are non-corrosive, non-flammable, and of low toxicity to mammals.  We pride ourselves in being able to create the optimal formulation to use as little herbicide as possible while achieving the desired results.