Aquatic Invasive Weeds

Aquatic Weed Managment

There is many different types of aquatic vegetation including Algea, floating weeds, submerged and emerged weeds.  The first step in cleaning up a pond/lake is to identify the problem vegetation.  Depending on your situation, Weeds® has a solution to your problem. We are licensed to make aquatic applications in your backyard or on your golf course and any size in between.  We will help create a program will not only clear up your pond but improve the health of your aquatic ecosystem.

Phragmities, Cattails, Milfoil, Water Chestnut, Giant Salvinia, Hydrilla, and many other weeds can cause major issues if left untreated.  We have the solution to all of your Invasive weed issues.

Algae/Pond Weeds

After identifying what is growing, Weeds® will create a 3-4 application program to eliminate all unwanted Algae/Weeds.  If require by the state, we will fill out and help file for all require permits.  A charge may be applied if the state charges for permits.  Some States approved permits can be received back with in a few days and some up to a couple of months, so patients is ask. 

Additional Algae Control

Once a pond is on its way to becoming a health ecosystem, a SonicSolutions ultra sound unit could be installed.  Weeds® is a dealer and installer for SonicSolutions which provides ultrasonic algae control using no chemicals.  This unit helps destroy algae as it starts growing preventing a bloom from taking over your lake.  There are no restrictions on swimming and it will not hurt injure fish or aquatic life.