Examples of previous business consulting clients:

  • Public Utilities
    • Gas 
    • Electric 
  • Government Agencies
    • Department of Transportation
    • Public Works
    • Parks and Recs
    • School Districts
    • Airports
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Landscape Architect
  • Business/Office Parks

General Vegetation Management

  • Invasive weed species identification
  • Vegetation management formulation specifications
  • Off target damage from misapplications of herbicides
  • General vegetation control in wide variety of locations and applications

Transportation Services

  • Pesticides and material shipping
    • Packaging and other requirements
  • Herbicide and material handling
  • Proper storage

Weeds® is an industry leader in providing vegetation management services for governmental, municipal, industrial, commercial and residential markets. 

We offer our vast knowledge and experience in expert consulting and business consulting services in the following areas:


  • Vegetation management formulation specifications
    • Herbicide selections for DIY homeowners
  • Methods of vegetation control
  • Ground covers
  • Native vs Non-Native species selection
    • Native and Naturalized species
  • Low-maintenance grasses
    • Converting mowed area

Consulting Services


  • Vegetation management formulation specifications
    • Herbicide selections
  • Methods of vegetation control
  • Facilities ground maintenance
    • Cost-control strategies
    • Expectations of vegetation control
  • Species/Vegetation identification