Turf Management

Turf Program

Everyone has different needs and so does their lawn.  We will create a 3-4 application program specifically tailor to your lawn.  By combining different aspects we are able to achieve all of the goals with less labor, creating a savings for you.  

Locations treated:

  • Private residences
  • Residential communites
  • Commercial businesses
  • Parks
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Industrial Sites
  • Hotels


​We can convert your highly maintained turf areas to Flightturf®, which is the only ultra-low maintenance grass that has demonstrated wildlife deterrence.  This turf will allow you to reduce yearly mowings down to only 1 or 2 while deterring Deer and Geese.  As a Certified Flightturf® Contractor. We offer complete conversion and installation services from site preparation, to seeding and installation, and ongoing weed control maintenance.

Goose Repellent
We are certified FlightControl® Plus Applicators.  FlightControl® Plus goose repellent denies geese a place to feed and makes an excellent foundation on which to build an integrated program for geese management.  In addition the to application of flight control plus we can provide consulting services about what can be done to eliminate the goose problem.

Other Services

If you sign up for our program, we will also complete a soil analysis of your lawn to help us identify all of the nutrients your lawn needs to be at its healthiest.  The healthier the soil is, the thicker, greener and lusher your lawn is.  

Renovation Services

If you are looking to improve and existing lawn or eliminate and start over, we can help, We provide start to finish services.

Aerating and over seeding in tandem with the application of any needed amendments is a good way to inadequate turf into decent and lush.  This is suggested when 25% of the lawn is weeds or bare soil.  This allows us to add new improved grass varieties to repair damage and increase tolerance to drought, shade and wear.  

Starting over a new lawn may be the best option where removal of the existing unwanted turf species, tilling, adding topsoil, and or changing the soil grade are needed.  Also suggested is more then 50% of the lawn is weeds or bare soil.​  This is a more intensive multi-step process but the end result is a beautiful lush lawn.

  • Starting with 1-2 applications of herbicide to eliminate grass and weeds.
  • If needed, a core aeration is completed to loosen the soil .
  • Slice-seed in the new turf grass mixture.
  • Spread soil amendments.
  • Spread a granular starter fertilizer to help the newly growing grass establish deep healthy roots and lush blades.


  • Lime 
  • Gypsum
  • Phosphate
  • Nitrogen
  • Wide variety of different N-P-K Fertilizers

Our programs include a combination of the following applied at specific times of the year: 

  • Slow Release Fertilizer 
  • Pre-emergents for Crabgrass
  • Broad leaf weed control
  • Yellow Nutsedge, Invasive grasses and other hard to control weeds 
  • Grub and insect control
  • Fungicides
  • Micro-Nutrients.